Quality and safety in focus


Our claim is that the name BABCOCK PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS AG stands for our customers' high standards for the quality of our products and processes. That's why our DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality management is not a compulsory exercise, but the basis for the quality of our services, innovations and our continuous modernization of our machinery. The goal of all concepts and ideas is that you as a customer are satisfied with us.

An increasingly important economic factor is health in the workplace, not least in view of demographic developments. The well-being of employees is closely linked to their performance and motivation. For example, we understand occupational safety as a central management task and part of a concept for workplace health promotion. At the BABCOCK PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS AG manufacturing center, occupational health and safety is therefore consistently geared to the statutory and professional association requirements and certified in accordance with the guidelines of the OHSAS-18001. The aim is to align the work organization and the behavior of the employees to a reduction in the risk of accidents.

Incidentally, we are subject to constant surveillance by TÜV Nord Cert. All employees of BABCOCK PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS AG thus ensure guaranteed quality at the highest level.

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